COVID-19: Week Three Activities

This week I tried to base the theme around environmental science, guiding the lessons to wrap around Indigenous knowledge around land-based relationships as well as provide some curiosity experiments. The hope was to provide them with opportunity to feel grounded. Literally grounded in the earth during a time when the foundation of what we have all come to know as normal has been shaken.


Today’s curiosity led us to explore soil health and planting, framed by the question: how does the land protect the people? The focus touched upon a bit of science around soil layers using edible sections followed by planting seeds to eventually transplant outside during warmer weather. We explored the cultural significance of planting and the lessons the land provides us of how to be with others.

Themes: science, land, culture, sustainability


Today’s curiosity led us to explore rock formation and the cultural knowledge of stones, framed by the question: How do rocks change? The focus touched on the science of the rock cycle and the role of water while we explored the teachings and wisdom of stones. We exemplified the process through melting chocolate followed by taking our learning to the land to hunt for different types of rocks.

Themes: science, land, culture,  health


Today’s curiosity led us to explore crystallization and erosion and was framed by the question: what is the relationship between earth and water? The focus was placed on experiencing these processes by eroding candy in moving/still water as well as creating rock candy in a jar.


Themes: science, land 


Today’s curiosity led us to further explore water by delving into the water cycle, framed by the question: how does water transform? Learning the science of water, we followed the scientific method to discover how we can create the cycle using household items. Taking a container, saran wrap, boiling water and an ice cube, we made it fog, cloud and rain. Today, there were smiles and laughter.


Themes: science, land, engineering 


Today’s curiosity led us to expand physical changes in matter to chemical changes, framed by the question: how do chemicals change matter? The focus explored a bit of science around solutions and was followed by an experiment using vinegar, baking soda and a balloon.


Themes: science, chemistry, engineering 

Over this past week, I extend gratitude to the teachers who take time to tie lessons to activities. It brings about the importance of self care and leaning into your own needs as parents preparing these activities for your children.

Know that it is ok to not have the answers. Know that it is ok to model adapting to when things do not work out. Know that feeding curiosity is probably more critical during this pandemic than gathering learning themes.

Filling their emotional cups is the learning that can be had and gaining new knowledge is just a bonus.

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