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Art Making and Cultural Restoration

Reflecting back to 2014, I worked with some youth from a neighbouring Mohawk community who were going through our traditional rites of passage ceremonies. In addition to processing traditional knowledge, myself and a colleague of mine ran through an arts-based workshop on leadership and youth/community mobilization.

We used interactive activities to deconstruct the definitions of leadership and help each youth (11-21) reapply new concepts to themselves. To finish, we facilitated the creation of 30 foot mural of leadership in Indigenous communities.


To have a workshop facilitated in your community, please do not hesitate to contact me.

New Exhibition

After a two year hiatus from professional art making to raise my daughter, I finally have some new work on exhibition. If you are in the Montreal QC area, come for a visit.image

Gallery sneak peak

Gallery sneak peak

I will have a meet-the-artist hour Sunday August 2nd at 1:00  pm.


Walking With Our Sisters

Walking With Our Sisters

I submitted my fist ever Vamps (beaded moccasin tops) to the Walking With Our Sisters Art installation; a commemorative collection of works to missing and murdered indigenous women. This exhibition, set to start October 2013 in Vancouver, will travel all across North America until 2019. Check out the link below for more information on the exhibit.


First People’s Festival

First People's Festival

For the month of July, I will be teaching children ages 6-12 about stop motion animation. We will go over storyboarding, character and set building, and how to create an animation. Each child will be creating a story based on each element of the thanksgiving address of the Mohawk First Nation. We will be presenting our short compilation of films at our local film festival! Hopefully I can provide our children with recognition in our communities.


Idle No More: Art In Action

Idle No More: Art In Action

Idle No More: Art in Action

Photos from our art exhibition opening, Idle No More: Art In Action. (Curated by myself)

Read exhibition description below:

Idle No More: Art In Action

Voices that know no borders


Idle No More: Art in Action began as community initiative by the Kahnawake Youth Forum to provide youth ages fifteen to thirty with the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas on the topic of Idle No More. The theme was not meant to restrict youth to the political entities that initially drove the movement, but was meant to start a discussion on what it actually means to be Idle No More. We wanted to create a visual narrative about the resiliency of Native People, which consequently revealed a multitude of environmental, spiritual, individual, and political avenues.

As the submission process began, our core team realized that our artistic catalyst on Idle No More exceeded the boundaries of Kahnawake and we found our call out for submissions reached all across Canada and the United States. As a result, the artworks that are displayed in this exhibition feature not only local artists, but artists from Manitoba, Alberta, Massachusetts and Arizona as well. In the end, Idle No More: Art In Action demonstrates the resistance, knowledge and greater sense of community among Aboriginal Youth across the Nation.

We are the youth.

We are the future.

We are the voices that know no borders.

We are Idle No More.


Idle No More Call Out for Submissions

Idle No More Call Out for Submissions

Looking for Aboriginal artists aged 15-30 to submit artwork based on the Idle No More theme: Aboriginal empowerment, values, resiliency etc.

Artwork will be displayed to the public from June 20th to July 25th.